Optimal operation of inland vessels

SDS Shipping focuses on the operation of barges. Profitability, continuity and sustainability go hand in hand for us in that respect. Our fleet comprises both a large number of own inland vessels and third-party vessels in which we participate. We will also gladly assist beginning entrepreneurs to get started in inland shipping.

Knowledge, quality and innovation

For our barges, we strive for an optimal daily operation. Furthermore, we are fully focused on the inland shipping of tomorrow. Knowledge and quality are central concepts for us. We like to immerse ourselves in new technologies and subsequent innovations. By leading the way in new developments, we are actively working towards a sustainable future. Both for our own barge fleet and for the inland shipping sector in general.

This is what we do:

Operation of barges

Assurance of quality and safety

Development of barges

Acquisition and sale of barges

Innovation processes

Improving sustainability